Turtelly happy Ted shell-ibrates his new life!

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We help hundreds of people move home every year but recently we found ourselves in the unusual position of helping a turtle stay put!

Working with Taylor Wimpey Manchester on an Agency Assist transaction, we were selling a house in Denton so that its owners could buy brand new.

Property Perspective head of sales Karen Bury explains: “The owners had decided to sell Ted, their pet turtle, before moving to their new home and we mentioned it to Katie and Matt, the buyers we’d found for the property.”

Ted the turtle


Katie takes up the story: “It was 100% my idea to ‘rehome’ Ted. Matt was busy talking boilers and water meters when we viewed the house, whereas I didn’t leave the kitchen because Ted was in there. When his last owners said they were selling him, I said ‘don’t bother, we’ll have him’!

“We absolutely love Ted. It’s fun to watch him get all giddy whilst you make your tea or a cup of coffee! Every time you go into the kitchen he thinks he’s getting fed again.

“He’s fairly easy to look after, he needs a partial water change once a month as well as a filter clean and tank clean. He gets fed twice a day, and has little pellets.

Ted’s new friend, Frank


“He’s made a great new addition to our family, joining our dog Frank, who can’t stop watching him. Ted seems fond of Frank too, he swims up to the glass in his tank whenever he sees him!”

We were thrilled when Katie and Matt sent us some photos and an update on Ted’s progress.

“Encouraging people NOT to move isn’t in our nature – but we made an exception for Ted! It’s lovely to see him so happy with his new owners,” Karen adds.

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