Post lockdown property market is buoyant

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“No shortage of people who want to move,” says Property Perspective’s John Jarvis

We’ve been talking to housebuilder clients, as well as reading the latest reports and surveys from industry commentators, and all the signs are that the property market is holding up post-lockdown - you might even say it’s buoyant!

Rightmove said traffic to its website returned to pre-lockdown levels on the day the property market reopened for business; on May 27 it recorded its busiest day ever with over six million website visits; and a survey of buyers found that 28% of people not planning to move before lockdown are now entering the market. 

Based on our own experiences at Property Perspective, we’re delighted to say we agree.

“In the first two weeks since the Government allowed housebuilders to reopen their sales centres and show homes, estate agents to get back to business and socially distanced property viewings to recommence, we arranged almost 200 viewings for people looking to purchase one of the 178 properties we have listed as available for sale,” says Property Perspective managing director John Jarvis. 

“The number of sales we agreed in those two weeks and the number of legal completions were on a par with the levels we would previously have expected to do in a half-month in ‘normal’ conditions.  And it’s shown no signs of slowing down in the first week of June - we have already arranged over 120 viewings and received over 30 offers on properties all at or very close to asking price.

“All of this is great news for the housebuilders who use – or might want to use – our services to sell their Part-Exchange or Agency Assist properties.”

John says the message to housebuilders is two-fold:

If you have a potential customer with an existing property that needs valuing, send them our way. We will respond quickly, as having our own in-house valuers means we can normally undertake valuations and return full appraisal reports within the week.

If you and your customer agree with the valuation and we are subsequently given the instruction, we’ll get them on the market ASAP and we’re confident the interest will be there.  The second hand market is not only busy, the majority of offers we are getting are at, or close to, asking price.

“Let us handle your valuations, let us market your customers’ existing properties and let us help you to capitalise on the current appetite to move home and sell more of your own new homes,” John adds. 


Property Perspective are Part Exchange and Agency Assist experts, offering seven days a week service, speedy valuations and expert advice, all backed by relevant housebuilder and property industry experience. See or call 0845 6800 262 for more information.

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